Betting Big Without Scaring the Opponents

While playing hold’em poker with no limits it often gets challenging to place a big bet without alerting your opponents even if gambling prohibition act doesn't reach the place where you reside. These tricks would help you with a few strategies to bet big in an online poker room (by the way, we recommed you to read poker room reviews.

  • In certain situations when the board reveals cards that give ample opportunity to lots of players to make an obvious straight, including you, the chances of you winning a big pot is negligible. Even if you do make the obvious straight you would be splitting it with another player who has the same. Now, suppose in a situation where you see a turn and realize that there are no chances for you to make a flush, the best thing to do here is to place a sizable bet. What this would do is make your opponents feel that you have a higher straight than the obvious one on the board. Anyone with the obvious straight would either just back off or fold. If some one re-raises your bet you would definitely know that he has a stronger straight, in which case you can back off. In either case there are high chances that you might win the bet, and even if you don’t you won’ be loosing much.
  • Consider a situation where you have a Q-K and you call on a pre-flop raise. The board reveales a Q-A-Q , an opponent places a bet and you call on it. The board reveals another Q and you call again. In such a situation, an opponent who has an A would normally think that you have the same hand, since four of a kind is quite a rare hand. Generally, at this time your opponent would either check or put in another bet. At this time the best thing to do is to let him be confident and re-raise the bet. Put in a medium bet around the size of the pot and your opponent might either just check or bet again. No matter what he does, and he would only fold in very rare cases, it would be a profitable hand for you. If you come out second best and you loose it will be highly beneficial to check out online casino offers, so you can get more money for doing very little, you will get free spins and free deposit bonuses. Check it out.
  • In a situation where you make a straight flush right on the turn, it is best not to put in a big bet yet. Your opponent might still have a chance to score a full house when the river card is revealed and at that point it would be difficult to get out of the situation. Instead, just wait it out on the turn.  When the card is revealed on the river, look out for the reaction of your opponent, let them take the lead and then put in a large bet. In most cases, your opponent would fall right in the trap and call your bet and this would mean a big win for you. Of course, playing baccarat is easier, but what a challenge!