Poker Glossary for Online Players

play poker Act:

To either check, fold, call, or raise when it's a player’s turn

Betting Ratios:

The differences allowed in each betting round in terms of maximum bets

California Lowball:

Low-ball game where ace, two, three, four, five is considered to be the best hand.

Door Card:

The first card which is dealt facing up to every player in a seven-card stud is known as the door card.

Edge Shot:

A bet which is made from a position that is advantageous

Freeze Out:

A rule which requires a player to quit the game after he looses a predetermined amount of cash.


Unlimited game with giant twisting where the costs for new cards progressively increases


Fifteen-card Cincinnati game that has five cards in every hand and ten cards on the table


A side bet to make sure that the player wins some money in a big pot

Key Player:

A player who has considerable influence in a game

Light – Chips that are separated from a pot which signifies the amount owed by a person Major-League Game:

The game with the largest-stakes of various poker games

On Tilt:

Playing very badly or wildly, generally after badly loosing or winning a large amount of money


The situation of a player in relation to the opponents (Seat Position, Fundamental Position, Technical Position).

Proposition Player:

A proposition player would be one who would be given a payment to play by a card room


An arrangement made between two players or more which involves sharing a part of the pots won by them during a game or a tournament


The hand with the minimum value allowed winning a pot.

Readable Pattern:

The pattern of behavior of a player which would reveal the value of the hand of a player. The term is used in baccarat.


the last two cards which are dealt are known to be running when they are required.


A deck of cards which is made up of cards that are imperfect or irregular and are sorted from several different normal decks of cards.


The system which collusion cheaters utilize to exchange information regarding their cards and about betting or raising.


The concept behind poker tournaments is that a group of players play with the same amount of chips, and ends when only one player has chips left.

Twin Beds:

A game with high-low that involves five cards in every hand and ten cards placed face up on the table

Under the Gun:

The position on the table of the first bettor in the poker room reviews.


(1) A card or cards which are common in all hands (Spit Card). (2) The money which is cut from the pots (Kitty).

Wild Game:

(1) A game which uses wild cards (2) A game which is highly spirited and fast-paced


A round of jackpots which are played at a table after a good hand like a four of a kind.

Remember that before you play you need to check gambling prohibition act in your country.