Privacy policy


This privacy policy deals with the data of identified information which is collected by this site about you. This policy does not apply to things which is not controlled or owned by our site editor. Please read our terms of use carefully.

1. Collection of data

You can create an account with this site by using your name and email address, which has not been used already with our site. The username or email address which has been used to create your account with us may deliberately display in our site, depends upon the choice selected by you during the registration. The way of display of advertisement procedure has been stated below. In addition as on many web sites, the website editor may receive information about cookies, your ip address, server log files automatically.

2. Use of data

We will provide our efforts to keep your privacy away from third parties.

We will respect your command about sharing of your data.

A service also has been provided in our site regarding third party interaction.

Your use will be monitored by our editor, if any violate of our privacy policy has been committed

Though this site has been purchased by a third party, he may also able to view or use your data as per his privacy policy. Please read our privacy policy carefully before visiting any other websites by a links, which appears on our site.

3. Cookies

As like many other websites, we are also using some kind of cookies as per our privacy policy to enhance your experience with us.

Advertisements which is appears on this site may use some kind non-personally identifiable cookies or codes to collect information about your visits to our site.

However the parties who displays there advertisement here are don’t have any access into our cookies. If you want further information about network advertisement initiative, then you may visit to our site

4. Minors

Peoples who are below thirteen are not allowed to register with our site. For information contact our webmaster.

5. Editing or deleting your account information

You can able to modify your profile by visiting your personal home page configuration page. If you would like to delete account, then contact our webmaster. But if you were posted any comments or something or content you have provided in our sites appropriate area, that may remains our site upon our editors discretion, after your account has been deleted.

6. Changes to this privacy policy

Changes in this privacy policy will happen frequently from time to time.

You will be informed by email [available in your profile] or posting a prominent announcement on this site about changes of our privacy policy from time to time.

7. No guarantees

This is unquestionable if our editor fails to maintain your data’s or standards mentioned in this privacy policy. Though some other factors also beyond on this, nobody have a right to question us about maintain of our standards. Accordingly the site editor offers no guarantees or internal representation regarding maintenance or non revelation of data.