Three Poker Strategies You Should Try

As a game that requires a lot of skill, there is no end to the number of poker strategies available to players of all levels. However, not all of them can be beneficial, especially since some of them aren’t properly tested.If you want a few new strategies to improve your gameplay and improve your winning streak, here are three that have proven profitable.

Strategy # 1) The Continuation Bet

The continuation bet perfectly shines the light on the effectiveness of aggressive play. To implement it, you have to raise the bet before flop and then continue to do so every time. During this process, you will have to completely ignore the board activity. In addition, your bets should be substantial to make it effective, ideally 70% of the current pot.

The idea that drives the continuation bet is that the chance of all players missing the flop is more likely if fewer players are playing the game. So, don’t use it unless you’re playing with a small group. This strategy is also great for one-on-one games since your opponent’s winning odds are 1:3.These aside, this strategy gives you an edge over others since it’s widely known that s pre-flop raiser always has a stronger hold in the game.

However, remember that it isn’t a piece of cake to bet all the flops and then figure out the right time to use them. Still, as you learn to perfect it, the least you can do is make your opponent uncomfortable enough to make a few mistakes that can cost them their game.

Strategy # 2) Selecting the Game Table

Making wise decisions off the table is as important as doing so on the table.By jumping directly at the first available table, you may deprive yourself of a greater edge that you can enjoy without much effort. So, though this isn’t a conventional strategy, consider complying with what it entails.

  • Do a little research to find the perfect table. The perfect table is one where at least one bad poker player (the key to your success) is seated.If you are playing online, you can find stats that can greatly help you with this aspect.
  • Another thing to do before joining a table is to observe the game for a while. This will reveal the tactics your potential opponents tend to use. By observing them for few minutes, you can easily plan your gameplay against each member.
  • Though this scenario is unlikely, you may get the chance to choose where you sit. If you get this opportunity, always go for the right seat. You want your easy target (the bad player) on your left so that you can keep tabs on them while watching the rest with a hawk’s eye.
  • Timing is one of the essentials of the Game Table Selection strategy. It is best to visit online casino when it’s full of drunken gamblers and people playing aimlessly since you can win against most of them. You’re probably bound to bump into such people around the weekends because professional players believe gambling to be a job more than a source of entertainment.

Strategy # 3) Small Ball Poker Strategy

The small ball poker strategy requires you to aggressively play many starting hands and bet low in order to save your money when you lose certain pots. It basically creates a loose, aggressive image for its player, which enables them to get action from other players when you have a good hand. The whole idea of this strategy is to build a strong bluff even when you’re not bluffing.

Overall, this strategy can be beneficialonthe long run as players stop responding toyour bets with stronger hands, therefore allowing you to win. With it, you can make up for all the money you lost by betting on average hands. However, remember the following two factors to successfully pull the small ball poker strategy:

  • You should be perceived as a loose player by your opponents.
  • You should make low bets and raises to minimize your financial loss.

Give these strategies a whirl the next time you head to a casino. You’ll definitely make good money with them in mind.